Chorizo Mushroom Burger -Choriza  Burgers  -Portobello mushrooms for buns  -Spinach cooked in Philadelphia Simply Stir Garlic And Herb 100g -Asparagus cooked in chili & garlic with olive oil  Done! _________________________________________________ Protein Over load  -32 oz sirloin steak (rare) -Peppered sauce  -Tabacco onions  Done! _________________________________________________ Dinner Date for 1 - 12oz Sirloin Steak with sea salt  -Cabbage & bacon with Philadelphia Simply Stir Garlic -Sweet potato chips cooked in grape seed oil  Done! _________________________________________________ This page will be updated on a daily bases Salmon & Asparagus -Salmon in sweet chili & lime   -Asparagus in chili, garlic & lemon grass -Spinach in Philadelphia cheese -Button mushrooms in garlic butter  Done! _________________________________________________ Chicken & Sausage -Garlic Chicken -Cracked black pepper sausage  -Mushed avocado  -Broccoli & carrot cooked in coconut oil  Done! _________________________________________________