Tuna & Avocado -Albarcore Tuna Steaks Olive Oil 200g -1 Avocado mashed up  -1 hand full of spinach sliced up -Balsamic Vinegar  Done! _________________________________________________ Cashew Chicken -2 Chicken breasts  - Sliced mushrooms  -Fried cashew nuts ( Coconut oil)  -Philadelphia Simply Stir Garlic And Herb 100g -Asparagus cooked in chili & garlic with olive oil Done! _________________________________________________ Cashew Burgers  -2 6oz Steak Burgers  -Fried cashew nuts (Coconut oil)  -Kale & spinach cooked in garlic butter Done! _________________________________________________ Beef Stir-fry - Steak slices  -Mushroom -Peppers  -Soy, ginger, garlic, chili, sea salt Done! _________________________________________________ Sausage Party Stir-fry -Chili sausages -Kale  -Spinach  Philadelphia Simply Stir Garlic And Herb 100g Done! _________________________________________________ Steak & Sausages -Ribeye Steak (cooked in coconut oil) -2 Pork & leak sausages  -1 Avocado mashed up - Spoon full of coleslaw Done!  _________________________________________________ Garlic Chicken & Fried Egg   -2 Grilled Garlic Chicken Breasts  -2 Fried eggs ( cooked in coconut oil)  -Pinch of sea salt  Done! _________________________________________________