Cashew Date Slice (Healthy Carmel Square) Made by the “All Good Kitchen” or you can make your own:)  -Cashew Nuts  -Peanut Butter -Dates  -Dark Chocolate  -A sprinkle of Magic!!! Done! _________________________________________________ Almond Butter with Apple Slices –Almond Butter -1 Red Apple  Done! _________________________________________________ Cheese Roll-ups -Fire & Smoke Ham -Philadelphia Garlic & Herb cheese Done! _________________________________________________ Kale Chips -Kale  -Coconut oil  -Sea Salt/ Garlic   -10/ 12 minutes in the oven  Done! _________________________________________________ Mixed Nuts  -Pecans -Sicilian Pistachios  -Cashews  -Hazelnuts  - Macadamias  -Almonds   Done! _________________________________________________ This page will be updated on a daily bases Raw Coconut  -Simple, crack open your coconut, pee & clean them,  -Also keep the coconut water to either drink or use in cooking.  Done! _________________________________________________ Roasted Chestnuts -Cut a cross into the chestnuts  -Cook for 15-20 minutes  Done! _________________________________________________ Sugar Free Jelly & Cream -Hartley’s Sugar free jelly -Double whipping cream  Done! _________________________________________________ Meaty BBQ Ribs This are amazing! So tasty! & Easy to make! -Place in grill/ rotate till cooked all the way through  Done! _________________________________________________